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The Christians Family of Churches


  • What is an FAQ?
    FAQ simply stands for Frequently Asked Questions :)
  • What if I have a question that is not in the FAQ (yet)?
    We are always adding questions, and answers of course, to the FAQ, and even if it has only been asked once, we can always add it to the FAQ! So if you do not see your question answered here, please feel comfortable sending your question to and we will be happy to offer the best answer we are able, and often (without names, of course) your question may end up on our FAQ to help someone else with the same question! And we thank you, sincerely, as we continue to add to our FAQ and update and develop our online ministry!
  • Where are the church services held?
    The church services are held on Sunday mornings at 11am in the event hall at 600 S Horner St in Lebanon, Illinois; and on Sunday evenings at 6pm at St Matthew Lutheran Church on 2701 Broadway in Paducah, Kentucky.
  • Did you forget to collect tithe at service?
    Actually, quite the opposite. We do not "collect tithe" during our services. We, of course, are not ever against receiving a gift from anyone who feels led to do so. Anyone can donate via our online giving at, or one of our pastors, or by participating in any of our fundraising efforts here on our online ministry! Check out the :"Dig Deeper" section for more on tithe at TCFOC!
  • If you do not collect tithe, is there a way that I can still give to the church?
    Absolutely! You can give with the QR code that is at the bottom of every page, or you can visit or, if you prefer in-person giving, you can put it at the donation plates at the back of the sanctuary or find Associate Pastor Jesse or Deacon Dave and they can assist with that with ALL of our gratitude!
  • What does "Affirming, Inclusive & Spirit-Filled" mean?
    We mean, in the simple answer form, LGBTQ+ affirming, ALL inclusive, and a Spirit filled church believes in the active gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Why are some of these people (while attending) talking in another language?
    First, we greatly appreciate you attending, or researching attending, one of our services! What you were hearing (likely while during prayer or a message, etc) is what is known commonly as "tongues." You can find more information in the "Dig Deeper" section in the question on tongues, but to answer it in brief, TCFOC believe in the active Gifts of the Holy Spirit, two of which involve "tongues" or, to put it in terms that can be easier to understand if it is new to you, it is when we have gone so deeply into the Spirit that our spirit begins to communicate in another language beyond that which we have grown up, or learned through our lives. Sometimes? That is a language of the Earthly variety that we have never been taught and sometimes it is the language of the Holy Spirit (see the Dig Deeper-Two (or more) types of Tongues for more explanation on that)
  • I am LGBTQIA+, am I welcome in your church?
    YES. Absolutely and 100%. And that includes you, your partner, your family, your friends, etc. When we say we will love on everyone, we mean everyone. Our ENTIRE The Christians Family of Churches family represent nearly every member of "the alphabet crew." a variety of genders are represented (including male, female, non-binary, and bi-gendered), a variety of individuals whom are autistic (including your very own web-guy "Deacon Dave" here!) and all manner of different religious, and otherwise, beliefs. All co-existing as a family that truly love each other. In all of our church locations, you WILL be loved on (to your comfort level), and you will be allowed to worship how you feel comfortable. And we do not just believe you become family when you walk in the door. We believe you are family from the moment you were created. That also defines the exit conditions... we don't stop loving when you walk out the door. We love until your creation goes back to Our Creator.
  • I am not Christian. am I welcome at your church?
    Absolutely. We are a Christian church, and we have members of our church family that do not ascribe to the "Christian" religion, at its tradition or standard. We believe, as our "fun" motto says, Love 'em ALL and let God sort 'em out. And that means ALL. Whether they are Christian, agnostic, Jewish, Buddhist, etc... they are loved. That is what all means, to us.
  • I am pierced/covered in piercings, and/or tattooed/covered in tattoo's...
    We believe that your body is just that, your body. The idea that tattoos are any more significant than, say, a piercing, is just not logical. It also does not make complete sense to be concerned about things that are on this physical, fleshly, human body, because it is most assuredly not permannt, and we are quite unable to tattoo our spirit. That being said, we have had those say "but We are God's temple and that is graffiti!" To which we lovingly ask how the artists behind some world renowned Holy Places such as the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican may feel about their works being considered or called "graffiti" in a negative way.. And as another small footnote, some of us would even go so "far" as to say that we feel that graffiti, as it is commonly known, is both beautiful, and with an actual purpose.
  • I am a part of a "thruple"...
    And you, and your partners, would be just as welcome as any other LOVING, consenting adult relationship. It is that YOU are loved, and your relationship with God, that is our concern.
  • Why do you not collect tithe during services?
    The slightly more in-depth answer to this question is actual two parts. Yes, that is the simple version. First: We have to understand the difference between Levitical law and Messianic law. If you proclaim Christian, or a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, then you are a gentile. The laws that we see in the Old Testement of the Bible were from God for the Jewish people. The Jewish family today are still expected to know, and follow, several hundred laws. As a gentile, essentially, we have 2. Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. If we follow those, everything else falls into place. Second: Now that we have a frame of reference from the standpoint of laws, we also have to understand what Tithe actually IS in the Bible, or, more specifically, what it is NOT. It is NOT money. Over-simplified, Tithe was, in the Jewish community, gathering food together (food being an example of things that were tithed) so that those who did not have food could be helped by the "church." Summed up: There is a LOT more to go into in-depth on this particular question. We would also say that we do not collect, or pass, a plate because all of the original fam of TCFOC have experienced the embarassement and negative feelings when you do not have anything to put in the plate. We do not want ANYONE to feel that way. That all being said, please know that we do have financial need as a church, and anyone is free to give what they feel led (giving to the church IS in the New Testament, and it is giving of your own ability and leading) can contribute to ANY fundraiser we have going, online at or see anyone of our pastor team or our deacon for in-person contributions. Those are GREATLY appreciated, and in Jesus name we pray EVERY soul that offers anything to TCFOC (from financial contributions, to volunteering, to working IN your calling, to even a like or share on Facebook, they are ALL giving that helps the Family of Churches!) is blessed again and again for their giving! A more IN-Depth answer coming soon!
  • Wait - there are Two (or more) types of Tongues?
    That is correct. We believe (as is talked about in the Gifts of the Spirit Dig Deeper) in tongues as a gift of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes (often in prayer) that speaking is not a language that is consciously known or spoken. The speaker is, for a lack of better terms, speaking to the Holy Spirit in the language of the Holy Spirit. However, it is also possible to speak in languages you do not know, for reasons you do not know at that time. Pastor Sonny has a specific example that is a part of his personal testimony that, in short, he was deep in prayer and was speaking in tongues and had spoke in mandarin without ever knowing a word of it, not knowing there was an immigrant in the room that needed to hear every word that was said in the prayer. Spoken in perfect fluency. Yea, God can do some crazy things.
  • What are the Gifts of the Spirit?
    A more IN-Depth explanation coming soon!

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