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The Christians Family of Churches

Building Faithful Communities

Affirming, Inclusive & Spirit-Filled!

"Until EVERYONE is safe, loved, accepted & included; Our work as Christians is incomplete"
Hands Up
Stained Glass Praise

Our Community

Experience the rich love and dedication of The Christians Family of Churches currently serving the Metro East (Lebanon, IL) and Western Kentucky (Paducah, KY) communities. Our pastors, ministers and family are committed to spreading the message of the love of Jesus Christ, welcoming worshippers of all backgrounds to deepen their love for God.

Faith Music
Praying Hands

Prayer Request

We believe strongly in the power of prayer, and it is the very foundation of our family of churches. 
We are here to pray it through with you!
Please know your requests are handled with the utmost care and respect for you and your privacy.

Would you like us to contact you regarding your request?

Thank you for sending us your prayer requests. We will be praying, and look forward to updates and good reports!

Updates & Coming Soon!
  • Website Updates:

    • 07/09/2024 Multiple Updates Published

      • Minor fixes through the site as previously published.​

      • Added Resources page and some beginning resources shown.

      • Added subdomain

      • Added subdomain and redirect to the new The Christians shop!

      • Removed IN-Dependence conference 2024 site links and references.

  • Continued expansion and updates will be coming to our online ministry soon!

Love Offerings

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